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HEC-XLT Pre-Separation System

Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Pre-Separator

HEC-XLT Pre-Separation System

The HEC-XLT by Ruwac is the ultimate pre-separation system that offers all the great benefits of the High Efficiency Cyclone, but with additional features that make fine dust collection effortless. A lifting assembly mechanically raises the HEC unit from the drum while the drum tips for fast, easy emptying. The system also includes an equalizer kit that allows plastic bags to be inserted within the drum for hassle-free clean-ups and forklift pockets for ultimate mobility. Combined with the HEC's ability to increase collection capacity and cut down on costly filter changes, the HEC-XLT is an ergonomicaly efficient solution to your clean-up needs!

Extremely Efficient in Collecting:

  • Powder Paint  
  • Abrasive Dust 
  • Concrete Dust 
  • Coal Dust
  • Talc, Flour, Grain, Graphite 
  • Plastic Dust and Pellets 
  • Wood Dust or Fine Powder
  • Industrial Housekeeping

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Features & Benefits

  • 10 gauge powder coated cyclone lid
  • Ruberized internal drop out chamber
  • 30 gallon drum (optional 55 gallon drum capacity available
  • Lifting assembly alleviates heavy loads
  • Equalizer kit for dust-free bagged collection
  • Tipping drum for easy disposal
  • “H” Bracket swivel cart connector
  • Grounded vacuum hose. Vacuum to cyclone lid
  • Unique & proven engineering for best performance
  • Modular construction for maximum design flexibility
  • Ultra-rugged housings
  • Extensive parts commonality; All parts in stock
  • Fully grounded to protect against electrical shocks

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