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Portable Pneumatic/Air Vacuums

Ruwac portable Pneumatic Explosion Proof Vacuum cleaners are designed especially for combustible dusts and hazardous locations.  While there are no certification standards for air powered explosion proof vacuums, Ruwac’s FRV and DS-EX AV series air powered explosion proof vacuums are self-certified to UL, CSA and ATEX standards that apply for electric machines.  With the only difference in construction being the replacement of the electric explosion proof vacuum motor and switch, with our stainless steel venturi. Our air powered explosion proof vacuums are the safest alternative power explosion proof vacuum cleaner for use in Class I and Class II environments.

Manufactured under strict quality control in our ISO 9001 registered plant, our explosion-proof vacuums are made in the U.S.A., Class I Groups C & D and Class II Groups E, F & G and are intrinsically safe, with all parts and components fully grounded, static dissipating and guaranteed to be spark-free.

With over 30 years of vacuum manufacturing knowledge and experience, we are very familiar with the cleaning issues involved with fine combustible dusts. Please be assured that our FRV and DS2-EX AV Series explosion proof vacuums will provide years of maximum safety, high performance cleaning, low maintenance costs, and easy operation. We guarantee it.

Air Powered Explosion Proof Vacuums
  • Stainless Steel high performance Venturi
  • Multi-stage centrifugal, high performance turbine with relief valve
  • Rated for continuous duty operation 24/7
  • Grounded hoses and tools
  • Certified dustless filtration system
  • Fully grounded filter
  • External filter shaker
  • Upgradeable to HEPA filter
  • Foot lever actuated dustpan
  • Dust free emptying
  • Low center of gravity (will never tip over)
  • Counter-balanced base
  • 9 - 24 gallon capacity
  • Non-sparking, anti-static 10-6 ohms
  • Quiet operation - silencer installed
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  Power Source Vacuum Pressure Hg Air Flow CFM MicroClean Filter Noise Emission dBA
FRV100 Single Stainless Steel Venturi* 13 150 13 ft2 72
FRV200 Dual Stainless Steel Venturi** 16 275 28 ft2 72
DS2-EX AV1000 Single Stainless Steel Venturi* 13 150 48 ft2 n/a
DS2-EX AV2000 Dual Stainless Steel Venturi** 16 275 48 ft2 n/a

* Requires 71 PSI and 65 CFM with a 1/2"unrestricted air line to operate.  ** Requires 100 PSI and 100 CFM with 1" unrestricted air line to operate.

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