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Single Venturi, Pneumatic, explosion proof vacuum, 150 cfm


No Power?  No Problem.  Ruwac’s FRV100 and FRV100H are the quietest air powered explosion proof vacuums available.  Our state-of-the-art vacuum venturi incorporates a solid stainless steel venturi with no moving parts rated for continuous duty while delivering years of maintenance free performance and producing the most CFM available in their class.

With over 13 HG” of vacuum and 150 true inlet CFM the FRV100 series explosion proof vacuums are the most powerful of any explosion proof air powered vacuum available.  With features and guarantees exclusive only to  Ruwac’s explosion proof vacuums our FRV100 series of explosion proof vacuum cleaners will provide maximum safety, high performance cleaning, low maintenance costs, and easy operation. We guarantee it.

Made in the USA, every FRV100 vacuum is built to order, self certified to the same UL and CSA standards that our electric vacuums are certified to and are categorized under Class I Groups C & D and Class II Groups E, F & G. Designed especially for explosive dust situations and OSHA compliant in accordance to CPL03-00-008.

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Features & Benefits

  • No electricity needed. 
  • No moving parts. 
  • Single stainless steel venturi. 
  • Retractable grounding reel w/stainless steel clamp. 
  • Grounded hoses and tools. 
  • Dustless filtration system. 
  • Fully grounded filter. 
  • Upgradable to HEPA filter. 
  • External filter shaker. 
  • Foot lever actuated dustpan. 
  • Dust free emptying. 
  • Counterbalanced base. 
  • Low center of gravity (will never tip over). 
  • Carbon impregnated, compression cast composite modular housing (lifetime warranty). 
  • Non-sparking, anti-static 10-6 ohms. 
  • Inclusive sound suppression. 
  • Lifetime warranty


Motor Type:
Vacuum Pressure:
Air Flow:
Filter Efficiency:
Noise Emission:
Collection Capacity:

Single Stainless Steel Venturi
13 Hg
150 CFM
13 sq ft MicroClean BVSC
99.9% @ 0.5 micron
72 dBA
2” w/bronze cast deflector
9 gallons
3” heavy duty conductive

Included Accessories:

Hose: 1.5” x 10’, urethane, static conductive, molded carbon impregnated cuffs; Wand: 54”, aluminum shaft, 2 bends; Crevice Tool: 11”, aluminum body; Round Brush: 3”, nylon bristles, static conductive, carbon impregnated; Floor Tool: 14”, metal body, anti-static bristles; Reducer: 2” x 1.5”; Connector:


32” x 20” x 41”
100 lbs

DS2-EX AV1000 Air Powered Explosion Proof Vacuum

Need additional filtration and collection capacity?

Check out Ruwac’s DS2-EX AV1000, featuring an air powered explosion proof venturi rated for continuous duty, a 24 gallon collection capacity and 48 sq. ft. of MicroClean filtration!